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A little about me

Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my page. I hope you are enjoying the images you see in my portfolios!

Please allow me to tell you a little about myself, and why I've specialized in creating portraits for my amazing maternity, newborn & baby clients for these past 10 years.

I was born in Viet Nam, my parents and I immigrated to the United States when I was three. When we left Viet Nam, my parents were very limited on what they could bring with them. They didn't bring any photos, I have no idea what I looked like when I was an infant or toddler. The youngest photo I own of myself is at 5 years old (a picture day photo from kindergarten). I've always wondered what I looked like as a baby...I wonder if I look anything like my own little girl?  This is one of the main reasons why I specialize in these types of portraits.   I don't have these memories, but I want you and your children to.

Growing up I've always had an intense love and appreciation for art, especially the art of photography. Always fascinated by the power of photos, how they are able to capture all of the emotions, mystery and beauty of life where words cannot.  Photos have the power to Isolate the truth, and preserve it for an eternity. I am a self taught photographer, I decided to get serious about my photography through the birth of my beautiful son (my eldest).  I had his newborn photos taken at 8 days "new". When I received his photos, I was so moved when I saw how much my precious baby had changed in just a few short weeks. I realized this was what I was meant to do.  I wanted to be the "one" who captured life's beauty to be cherished by all forever, and here I am doing what I adore.

Newborns change so quickly! They literally look different in a days time, I love capturing all of the details of a newborn...the belly button nub (I feel like once this has fallen off, they are officially no longer a newborn). The dry flaky skin. The soft, fine hair on their arms, ears and back. Some arrive with a Storks kiss on the forehead, some newborn's have a Mongolian patch on their bottom (like my son). Each newborn is so unique. I want to capture those details for you.

I also want you mommas to remember how beautiful, even sexy, you were while creating another life in your womb.  I know some days it is difficult being pregnant....hip pain, legs and ankles aching, water retention, difficulty sleeping, waddling when you know what I mean!!! But when you saw that fluttering heart beat on your first ultrasound, or felt your baby kick inside you, there is no feeling more beautiful...I miss that so much. You may not believe me when I say that, but you WILL!  I also want your children to see what their beautiful mother looked like when they were being cradled in your womb. No matter how tired and "unattractive" you feel. Don't worry, I got you!!! I'm very aware of my angles, I utilize techniques to enhance & accentuate your pregnant curves, and stretch marks, no problem, I can digitally erase those!  If you haven't already, take a moment to review my maternity portfolio, and then JUST DO IT, reserve your maternity session, you won't regret it!!!

Time won't stand still, no matter how hard we wish it to, you won't be pregnant forever (thank goodness for that) and our little ones won't stop growing, only in photos they do.  Let's capture and preserve those beautiful memories for your family!